Sunday, February 7, 2010

43// Game Over!

Galaga! I remember my uncle telling me how much he used to play this game "back in the day". I couldn't even go pass 3 levels before I got bored. Couldn't imagine playing this for hours. My generation of gamers are for sure a little spoiled with the era of genesis and super nes. I used to spend hours playing street fighter. Haha! But, gamers of this era are even more spoiled with all the 3D and super intense graphics these days. I miss having more time to play games like when I was a kid.

So today, ends vintage week. May do a couple more randomly as the days past.


  1. omg this is very coo. i remember having a game like this built into our tv! all the neighborhood kids were soo jealous! thanks for bringing me back to my childhood.

    great colour scheme also!


  2. This is awesome. It oculd be a tshirt. ssend to threadless!

  3. Games built into the tv. how awesome! haha..

    hehe...thanks a lot Amber, but I think they have shirts similar to this. I will rework it a bit in the future so its more unique.

  4. I LOVE retro pixel games!